Heaven & Earth

April 10, 2013
Fonda Theatre
Los Angeles, CA

Following the adage — “if you want to be big, you have to think big” — Heaven & Earth and their burgeoning record label Quarto Valley Records pulled out all the stops at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood with a dress-to-impress album premiere party to celebrate the April 23rd release of Dig.

The festive, carnival-like atmosphere punctuated the energy level as attendees scrambled to have their pictures taken on the red carpet with the “greeter” leprechaun or the man on stilts, whilst happily imbibing comp cocktails and marveling in the splendor of what is being touted as a return to form with a real rock 'n roll band at its core.

Following an opening acoustic set from Dilana Robichaux and a stunning slice of risqué machine shop grinder burlesque from the equally stunning Tonya Kay, Heaven & Earth came on and took immediate ownership of the room. The set opened with the epic “Victorious,” and the lead single and soundtrack to the popular video, “No Money, No Love,” as well as other tunes from Dig.

Together, singer Joe Retta, guitarist Stuart Smith, bassist Chuck Wright, drummer Richie Onori and keyboardist Ed Roth re-introduced the feeling of a big and splashy rock ‘n roll show, lunging over with tight musicianship, catchy songs, a strong presentation and the adoration of an enthusiastic audience.

Vintage Rock was honored to be on-hand for this special event, and we proudly share photos of the night from renowned photographers Ron Lyon, Marie Younghans and Kimberly Annette.

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