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Bad Company

Bad Company recorded four classic albums in as many years, giving rise to some of the most recognizable rock songs of the 70s, including "Rock Steady," "Run With The Pack" and the Grammy-nominated, "Feel Like Makin' Love." After releasing remastered and expanded versions of their first two albums in 2015, the band will return this spring with deluxe editions of their next two albums from that incredible run: Run With The Pack (1976) and Burnin' Sky (1977). Both albums have been newly remastered from the original production tapes, and expanded with rare and unreleased recordings taken from the original album sessions. The CD versions of these Deluxe Editions include all of the new bonus tracks, while their 180-gram vinyl counterparts offer a selection of the bonus material. During a rare break from touring, Paul Rodgers, Mick Ralphs, Simon Kirke and Boz Burrell got together in France to record new songs using the Rolling Stones' mobile recording studio. Those sessions produced Run With The Pack, a 10-song album that came out in early 1976 and rose to #4 in England and #5 in America, where it sold three million copies alone. Radio stations embraced the title track along with a cover of The Coasters' "Young Blood," while "Silver, Blue & Gold" became one of the band's signature tracks, even though it was never officially released as a single. The bonus disc that accompanies the Deluxe Edition of Run With The Pack includes unreleased early mixes for "Honey Child" and "Simple Man," as well as an extended version of the title track. There's also the previously unreleased "Let There Be Love," an outtake from the recording sessions. In fact, the acoustic version of "Do Right By Your Woman," previously only available as the B-Side of the single release of "Run With The Pack," is the only song on the bonus disc that has ever been previously released. During the summer of 1976, the band returned to France yet again to record 12 songs for what would become Burnin' Sky. They chose Château d'Hérouville as the studio, which is where David Bowie would record Low later that same year. Burnin' Sky was released in March 1977, and broke into the Top 20 in both the U.K. and U.S. The Deluxe Edition bonus disc features unreleased versions of nearly every song on the album, including alternative takes and mixes of "Man Needs A Woman" and "Morning Sun," plus the full version of "Too Bad." The session tapes also unearthed "Unfinished Story," a song that was completed, but never released. For a taste of these reissues, check out the live video below of Bad Company performing "Silver Blue & Gold" and "Run with the Pack."

Release Date: 05/26/17


Deep Purple

Deep Purple's 2017 studio release inFinite is the highly anticipated follow up to their 2013 album . Produced by Bob Ezrin, inFinite is the band's 20th and quite possibly final album. The record is scheduled to be released in tandem with the recently announced “Long Goodbye Tour,” fans all over the world are speculating the meaning of the title “inFinite” and "Long Goodbye." Singer Ian Gillan has in fact declared: “If you take it literally you may, quite reasonably, think the ‘Finite’ part of the word describes the life of Deep Purple, with a clear beginning and a nebulous end; but what of the ‘in’ bit? The word infinite is a three-dimensional double edged sword. It describes something that goes on forever in all directions; not unlike its temporal equivalent ‘Eternal’ What’s that all about?" inFinite will be released as a CD, CD/DVD and a two-LP/DVD, as well as a “small fan box” and a “large fan box.” An EP featuring the first single “Time for Bedlam” is set for release on February 3. It will include three tracks — “Paradise Bar,” “Uncommon Man” (instrumental) and “Hip Boots” (Ian Paice rehearsal version) — that will not appear on inFinite. Check out the video below behind “Time for Bedlam.”

Release Date: 04/07/17


Steve Hackett

Former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett's album The Night Siren is a wake-up call, the warning of a siren sounding in this era of strife and division. The record showcases Hackett’s guitar work alongside musicians from several different countries, invited to celebrate multicultural diversity and unity. This includes singers from Israel and Palestine, both actively campaigning to bring Jewish and Arabic people together. There are also instrumentals from the USA and Iraq, and a multiplicity of sounds, including the exotic strains of Indian sitar and Middle Eastern tar and oud, the ethnic beauty of the Peruvian charango, and the haunting Celtic Uilleann pipes. Hackett is widely travelled, making friends everywhere he goes, and has always embraced multicultural diversity. In these times of unrest, he has been inspired to express his belief that the world needs more empathy and unity. His wish to involve a range of musical sounds, instruments, musicians and singers from different parts of the world is a development of his eclectic approach that demonstrates how people can be brought together, even from war-torn regions, through the power of music. Talking about his latest work, the guitarist says, “This latest waxing represents a bird’s eye view of the world of a musical migrant ignoring borders and celebrating our common ancestry with a unity of spirit, featuring musicians, singers and instruments from all over the world. From territorial frontiers to walled-up gateways, boundaries often hold back the tide. But while the night siren wails, music breaches all defences.” The musical journey takes us from "Behind the Smoke," focusing on the plight of refugees throughout the ages, to the penultimate track "West To East," which reflects on the damage of war and the hope for a better world. From personal to universal, the themes celebrate the life force, breaking free from chains of repression. Check out the video below of Steve Hackett working on The Night Siren in the studio.

Release Date: 03/24/17


Black Star Riders

There’s a beautiful purity to the finest rock ‘n’ roll, a thrilling simplicity in striking an over-amplified guitar chord, a transcendent joy in getting high on just volume, adrenaline and a backbeat. Black Star Riders, lifers in an industry less secure than a secret in a soap opera, understand this, which is why Heavy Fire , the quintet’s third album, sounds so fresh and exhilarating and alive. Recorded with producer Nick Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, Rush) at Rock Falcon Studio in Franklin, Tennessee, the follow up to BSR’s acclaimed 2015 release The Killer Instinct, finds the quintet - frontman Ricky Warwick, guitarists Scott Gorham and Damon Johnson, bassist Robbie Crane and drummer Jimmy DeGrasso - in electric form, crashing through 10 tracks of swaggering, life-affirming hard rock with a shared passion and power both irresistible and inspiring. It’s another compelling chapter in the storied career of a band hailed as “the most vital classic rock act on the circuit.” “It’s an album that showcases the very best of what we can do as writers and players,” says Scott Gorham. “And an album we think will have a real resonance with our audience. We were excited making it, and I think Black Star Riders fans are going to be even more excited hearing it.” Warwick adds, “I had the album title almost a year before we started recording. It refers to the fact that there’s so much going on in the world right now, and we’re bombarded constantly with information and technology designed to make our lives better and easier, but yet we don’t really have a clue where we’re going as a species. It’s kinda asking about how we deal with all that, how we negotiate our own paths in these sometimes dark and dangerous times.” Check out the video below for "When The Night Comes In," one of the songs featured on Heavy Fire.

Release Date: 02/03/17



In 2017, the Grateful Dead will begin a series of reissues of their studio and live albums, structured around the respective 50th anniversaries of each release. The rollout will kick off with the reissue of the band’s self-titled debut on January 20. The new releases will feature two-disc deluxe editions and limited edition vinyl picture disc versions of the records, with remastered sound and additional unreleased recordings. A limited edition remastered 12-inch picture disc will also be available. The first release, The Grateful Dead: 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition, will come with a bonus disc of the unreleased July 29, 1966 concert at P.N.E. Garden Auditorium in British Columbia in its entirety, along with cuts from the following July 30 show. The shows were part of the Vancouver Trips Festival of that year and include the final known recorded versions of the band playing “Standing On The Corner,” “You Don’t Have To Ask Me” and “Cardboard Cowboy.” The Dead will also treat fans to a similar reissue series with their singles, which will be rolled out in limited edition 7-inch vinyl throughout the next few years. A subscription to the singles series can be purchased at The first single in the series will be “Stealin’”/“Don’t Ease Me In,” set for release on March 1. has also released this year’s edition of the Grateful Dead Almanac. Meanwhile, to get you in the mood, check out the clip below of the Trips Festival in Vancouver.

Release Date: 01/20/17

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