Top Five Vintage Rock Reissues & Box Sets Of 2016

In 2016, there were some stellar reissues and box sets released, and, as usual, we tried to get our hands and ears wrapped around as many as we could. Here's a few we really liked.

The Early Years 1965 - 1972

Pink Floyd

Before The Dark Side Of The Moon, Pink Floyd was an underground band with a cult following and seven albums to their name. When Syd Barrett was the group’s leader and visionary, Floyd broke new ground with a quirky flavor of psychedelic pop songs. Once Barrett was out and David Gilmour came in, the range broadened into more ethereal, longer pieces with dramatic effect. The band grew and evolved with each record, culminating with Meddle and its epic centerpiece “Echoes.” That set the stage for Dark Side and world domination. Pink Floyd’s most fertile period — 1973’s The Dark Side Of The Moon through 1979’s The Wall — has been immortalized by documentaries, concerts, tributes and box sets. But what about before all that? That’s where The Early Years 1965 – 1972 comes in.

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Live At The Hollywood Bowl

The Beatles

Another year, another glimpse of everyone’s favorite mop tops — the Beatles! It’s really quite astounding that during their short reign in the 1960s, the Beatles made an impact so intense, so world-changing, we’re still talking about it 50 years later. Is it because today’s music doesn’t stack up? Did they possess a tongue-in-cheekiness no one’s been able to replicate? There’s no real answer to why they continue to overshadow virtually every other musical entity of the last half-century. Compared to the concerts of today, their stage act wasn’t a flashy affair partly because their massive popularity wouldn’t allow it. That and the fact that they came before the lasers, the pyrotechnics and the state-of-the-art sound systems. The point is driven home watching Ron Howard’s Eight Days A Week - The Touring Years. The real evidence, however, lies in the grooves of Live At The Hollywood Bowl.

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Pet Sounds
(50th Anniversary Edition)

The Beach Boys

You won’t get much argument when it comes to declaring the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds a pop milestone. In everything written about this album, “genius” and “masterpiece” are two words that invariably appear from one sentence to the next. Of course, the former is applied to the album’s creator and spiritual avatar, Brian Wilson.

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Box O' Todd

Todd Rundgren

Box O' Todd is a limited edition collector's box featuring previously unreleased live and studio recordings from the early 70s by legendary singer, songwriter, instrumentalist and producer Todd Rundgren. The set includes 38 tracks on three CDs, plus a 20-page booklet of liner notes by Dave Thompson, a signature guitar pic, three pins and a replicated backstage pass.

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Greg Lake

Greg Lake

On the heels of receiving a honorary degree from the Conservatorio Nicolini in Piacenza, Italy — the very first honorary degree for music the prestigious university has ever awarded — King Crimson and Emerson, Lake & Palmer singer Greg Lake has reissued his first two solo albums — 1981's Greg Lake and 1983's Manoeuvres — as a double-disc set.

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