King Biscuit Flower Hour:
Greatest Hits Live

John Entwistle

Fans of the Who's late and great bassist John Entwistle will probably get a real charge out his "King Biscuit" CD recorded on March 15, 1975 at the Philadelphia Spectrum. For his first tour without the Who, Entwistle goes to great lengths to present a solid and thunderous performance as he unreels a healthy balance of Who and solo numbers.

"Heaven And Hell" is still one of the great unsung sleepers of the Who's repertoire. "My Size," from Entwistle's 1971 album "Smash Your Head Against The Wall," is just as representative of the bassist's ability as a clever and intuitive songwriter as something like "My Wife," which closes the musical portion of the CD. Tacked on to the backend is a 13-minute interview with Entwistle just after he listened to the show in 1997. Today, of course, this informal chat is historically significant, but you'll have to judge that for yourself.

~ Shawn Perry

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